Costina Mocanu

Co-Founder and Writer

Cultural Mediator with a focus on modern art, societal dynamics and environment.

Jens Dörr

Co-Founder and Art Editor

Art historian and sociologist, passionate about culture, architecture and jazz music in particular.

Anna Mazza

Lei e l’Arte | The Female Gaze’

Editor of art writings, Anna collaborated with a publishing house of the sector and currently is curating the art catalogues of a Sicilian auction house.

Alex Forster

Hidden Gems

Transcultural Studies student with a special interest in Korean history and art history.


Laura Bothe

Lei e l’Arte | The Female Gaze’

Romance language student with a study focus on French linguistics enjoying side-trips to other disciplines. Became entangled in art by accident. 

Francesca Gigli

Lei e l’Arte | The Female Gaze

Foundress of likeitalians. Art historian and vagabond, who enjoys reading books, climbing mountains, and talking about art & culture.

Chiara Brancato

Lei e l’Arte / The Female Gaze

Chiara is a content marketer and strategist for museums & art organizations, a cultural heritage professional, and founder of the Instagram page @artandcultureaddict.

Akash Tripathy

Hidden Gems

Anthropologist and enthusiast of tribal societies in India. Akash worked previously for museums and organisations that focus on art, anthropology and developmental economics as well.

Caterina Magarelli Annoscia

Lei e l’Arte | The Female Gaze

Art enthusiast and founder of the IG @women.painting. Caterina promotes projects against violence on women and gender equality, while dreaming of a diverse narration which can empower young girls.

Gabriella Restrepo

Lei e l’Arte | The Female Gaze

Out-of-practice journalist with a deep love for writing. She is interested in deconstructing the male gaze in everything she was taught.

Lidia Pedron

Lei e l’Arte | The Female Gaze

Lidia holds a M.A. in Economics and Management of Arts and Cultural Activities, Her primary interest lies in Contemporary Art. From 2020 she is the co-founder of @REBARTproject.

Laura Macetti

Lei e l’Arte | The Female Gaze

Laura holds a M.A. in History of Arts and Conservation of Artistic Heritage. She is a curator and art historian. Together with Lidia Pedron, she is the co-founder of @REBARTproject.

Nicoletta Torri

Lei e l’Arte | The Female Gaze

Foundress and author of @donneearte_. Nicoletta preoccupies herself with writing as social practice and exploring gender issues.

Roberta Traina

Lei e l’Arte | The Female Gaze

Collaborator of @donneearte_ with a focus on Literary studies. Roberta privileges photography and reading.

Alessia di Bella

Hidden Gems

German language lover, passionate about contemporary art and sensitive towards environmental policies.

Sophy Tio


Researcher and Arts & Cultural worker figuring out how art making can nudge us towards a sustainable future.